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Raji Mahesh is an Indian born artist, currently based in Staffordshire. She finds inspiration from nature and her garden and is influenced by current affairs and significant events that affect our society, however, she primarily draws from memory and her imagination. 

Her recent painting series “Trees of India” features beautiful Indian trees painted in brilliant vibrant colours of that region.


Raji has made art all her life but has begun a more serious pursuit of her artistic career in recent years. She has exhibited her works both locally and in London and has also been the recipient of a prestigious drawing prize.

She maintains a daily drawing practice, and is a member of Birmingham Art Circle (BAC), The Society of Staffordshire Artists (SSA) and the UK Colour Pencil Society (UKCPS), and is a friend of the Royal Birmingham Society of Art (RBSA) and New English Art Club (NEAC). 

Beaut Amma 3
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