About Me 

I'm Raji, an Indian born artist from Staffordshire. 


I have many passions in life, but my favourite three are drawing, gardening and travelling. The artwork you see on this website is the culmination of all these coming together. Recently, I have expanded my subject scope by drawing completely from my imagination, and diving into difficult topics affecting society in my work. Each piece of art I produce has a personal story behind it.

Although I left university with a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, my true life long dream has always been to be an artist. I was unable to focus on exhibitions and making my mark professionally due to family commitments until 2019. 


I have no formal art education. This has enabled me to develop my own style of drawing by moving away from the straitjacket of orthodoxy. My drawings are a testament to how unassuming pencils and pens can create images filled with dynamism and vivacity. I strive to create drawings with energetic lines, bold colours and richly layered textures.


I am beyond excited to update this website with my work, and hope that you get the same joy and happiness out of viewing these drawings as I do in creating them.